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Gateway Pest Services

Exceptional, Affordable Pest Control Services
for Over 20 Years

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Give us a call.  Available 24 hours a day.  Seven days a week.

We use heat technology to kill bed bugs!

Gateway Pest Services adheres to health and safety protocols at all times and during this coronavirus outbreak.

Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes and more...We treat just about any pest problem you have, including rodents, at the most affordable prices around. 

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           About Gateway Pest Services

We are a friendly, certified and very affordable family-owned professional pest control service with over twenty years of  experience. We are 100% insured and registered in the state of Illinois and Missouri. Give us a call today for a free estimate:

Call 618-447-0947

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Gateway Pest Services

Exceptional, Affordable Service for Over 20 Years

General Control -

Common Pests

"Ants, Spiders and Roaches,


Ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, mosquito's and more.. Otherwise known as "bugs," these are the ubiquitous "bad guys" of the pest world. They are the usual suspects we deal with all the time.  We know how to eradicate them from your life.  Call Gateway Pest Services for a free estimate and we'll get started right away.

Termite Control

"The Silent Destroyers"

Termites can be a serious, potentially costly threat to buildings and structures. Termites feed on wood which unfortunately can mean they literally eat the very home one lives in.  When it comes to termites, it is often recommended NOT to "Do-it-Yourself." Let Gateway Pest Services identify any infestations and prescribe a cost-effective treatment plan for you.

Bed Bug Control

"Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!"

Bedbugs have been around for ages but have more recently made a resurgence particularly in the United States.  Bedbugs are very difficult to kill especially by using pesticides.  At Gateway Pest Control we use  a safe, effective, non-toxic method of treatment using high -heat. This non-invasive procedure will often require only one visit.  Call us today to learn more about our guaranteed treatment.

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Botanical Garden

"We Bring the Heat"

Our heat methodology will kill bed bugs and their eggs and can kill viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens.


We Use

GreenTech Heat Solutions

Featuting the Titan 450

Tested and proven technology.


Safe, Quick, Efficient Extermination

This heat solution is non-chemical and can get you free of bed bugs in one treatment.

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Heat Treatment and Covid-19

The Coronavirus, also know as Covid-19 is a new viral strain that is  currently being studied by scientists.  There is still much to know about this virus that has caused our recent global pandemic.  What we do know is that it can survive on hard surfaces for  a couple of days at room temperature and can remain in the air for two to three hours. It is known that heat kills viruses (and other pathogens) when exposed to high temperatures over long enough periods of time.  If Covid-19 acts like other viruses, high heat will inactivate it as well. 

Gateway Pest Services uses GreenTech Heat equipment to treat viral contamination in your home, office or workplace. The GreenTech Heat process has successfully been used to decontaminate microbial contamination, including molds, fungi, bacterial, and viral contaminations. 

Click here for more information and peer-reviewed lab studies:

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Hi!  We are a father and son owned and operated business headquartered in Madison County, Illinois.  We proudly service  the Illinois and St. Louis Metropolitan areas.

- Dan and Ty DeRousse

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Satisfied Customer Testimonial:

"I’ve got an old house with a dirt cellar and when I moved in I had a severe roach problem. I tried to use natural solutions because I was concerned about my pets. That didn’t work.  Ty came over and assured me that what he uses would not harm my pets as soon as it was dry. After he sprayed one time I didn’t see another roach for over 2 years. I called Ty again when they came back and he sprayed again with the same results. He’s always on time, friendly and professional. I would recommend him and will use his services in the future."

Laura Gatlin 

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Gateway Pest Services

Exceptional, Affordable Pest Control Service for Over 20 Years


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